My process for working with you!

Before I Start working

Before anything you probably want a quote, right? In order for me to give an accurate quote I need to know what you need. Being as specific as possible really helps me gage how long things will take and therefore how much it will cost.


Things to note:

1. What do you need? 

Logo, apparel design, photo retouching, illustration, invitation, poster, social media assets, etc.. I offer a variety of services. Just ask if you aren't sure of what I can do!

2. Details and context. 

Tell me everything. A list of likes and dislikes are great. Pictures to go along with what your saying is even better. The point is to get on the same wavelength as you so I can produce something that you're happy with.

How the design will be used is important to how I make it. For example, if you want a logo that's going to be used on letterheads it must have scalability, the ability to look good very small as well as big. If that is the case then I would stay away from using too much detail when creating the logo.


3. Timeline

How quickly do you need this product? A general timeline is helpful for me to manage other projects I'm working on. 

When Work Starts

Once I give a quote and we agree to move forward, I start to design.

I create 3-6 rough sketches to start off.

I email them to you.

Then if you could email me back likes/dislikes or if you want to go in a different direction, etc.

From there, I usually make 3 more finished products using the feedback that you gave.

I email them to you.

More feedback from you.

I take that feedback and make 1 finished piece.

And hopefully we come to something you're happy with and/or just needs some minor tweaks.

Payment/Receiving Files

At this point, the design is done and I ask for payment before I send over the final files. This way you know the work is done and I protect myself by having the files as leverage.

Once the payment goes through I send over whatever files you need (and if you ever need different files in the future just let me know and I'll send them out)

Then we both cyber high five.

*word of mouth is the best way I gain clients so please recommend me to everyone you know!

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